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CRT Be Transformed (BT)


Christ Redemption Tabernacle Church believes in transforming not just the spiritual part of a man, but the whole man, which consists of, the Spirit, Soul and Body. We also believe that transformation is an ongoing process and this class is a place to start. To that end, Be Transformed was established to help believers obey the exhortation of the following verse...  

Romans 12:2

"And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."

 ...As a result, the Christian Education Department offers transformation classes to help us grow in our knowledge of Christ. In our quiet time, we are able to learn about God in a unique way. During this time, we learn to allow the Spirit of God to work in us intimately, bringing about transformation. In the group setting, we share our experiences, in an effort to encourage each other to stay in the life long transformation process. 


 BT Overview

The Be Transformed Small Groups helps to address the root cause of problems in our lives. The Holy Spirit exposes the lies we have believed all our lives about God, self, family, others, the Word and so on. Using the Word of God, we replace those lies with the truth about the Fathers Love for us.

Be Transformed runs for nine weeks. It uses a work book that covers nine topics as shown below. 

                                                                                        BE TRANSFORMED PART 1                                IN PROGRESS

                                                                                                         BE TRANSFORMED PART 2

                                    Discovering Biblical Solutions                                                Maturing In His Grace

                                    To Life's Problems: The Cleansing                                                       The Refilling           

Lesson1: Discovering The Root of Your Problems Lesson 1: Onness With The Father

Lesson 2: Understanding The Good news

Lesson 2: walking in the Spirit

Lesson 3: Seeing Ourselves As God Sees Us Lesson 3: Grace That Fress
Lesson 4: Getting To Know Our Heavenly Father Lesson 4: Unleashing Your Passion For God

Lesson 5: Living By The Spirit

Lesson 5: Better Than A Band Aid

Lesson 6: Controlling Emotions Lesson 6: Victory Over The Flesh
Lesson 7: Expectations, Anger and Bitterness Lesson 7: Divine Difficulties
Lesson 8: The Performance Treadmill Lesson 8: Forgiveness in Real Life            
Lesson 9: A Transformed Life Lesson 9: New Identity in Daily Life
End of BT 1 Lesson10: Maturing in His Grace

The Result 

After completing Be Transformed One you will feel as if you have just being cleansed. You will be ready to be filled with new things from heaven as you go through Be Transformed two.

Overall we aim to create a Spiritually Healthy Church. A church, full of members, that are free to grow closer to Jesus Christ and free to Love - manifesting how we are to live as Christians.

Members with the ability to allow God's Holy Spirit to govern our lives. The ability to hear the Words of Jesus Christ, the teachings of our Bishop, the leadership of our First Lady and to obey them.

Transformation also creates in us a desire to serve in ministry, create new lasting relationships, to give to the work of the Kingdom, and to work together for the cause of Christ, having the mind of Christ in obedience to the following verse:



Be Transformed contact information: 

Be Transformed was developed by Scope Ministries 



BT Director: Sister Kereen Barracks

BT Facilitator: Minster Goldie Burton

BT Facilitator: Sister Ebone Rose CRT 

Under the divine leadership of the Holy Spirit and with the permission of

Suffragan Bishop Kevin Dobbs, Founder & Senior Pastor &

Elect Lady Norschenia Dobbs, Assistant Pastor


"We Are More Than A Church"



2016 Graduation Picture

From Left: Ramone Rose, Kary Dobbs, Kereen Barracks (Director), Mia Crumpton, Ebone Rose, Crystal Kalu, Nicole Ofokansi, Andralique Burnett


 Slide Show of 2016 Graduates 

Loving Jesus, and Loving One Another, Is What Be Transformed Is All About!

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